Program annouced
🌍 28-30 September 2021
3 day virtual Design Systems + Design Ops conference.
15+ speakers, 500 friends.

What to expect

Insights from experts in live talks, demos, Q&As, roundtables & more. A virtual Design Systems conference to bring together the community around Design Systems, and Design Tools organized by the design community. Our aim is to create an interactive live experience we would love to attend.

⭐️ Live demos of Design System projects & workflows
⭐️ Live presentations & Q&As
⭐️ Community Show & Tells (hacks, plugins, workflows..)


You shape the content live

Tackling a specific problem? No idea how to structure the Design System? Establish workflows for contributing patterns / components?

We want to make sure to create an engaging event with valuable content - we want people to take the most out of this. That’s why every participant will have the opportunity to suggest topics, ask questions and contribute before and during the conference in an interactive whiteboard and live in the stream. There is so much content out there we could watch Youtube all day.

This event is dedicated to people who want to connect & contribute rather than watch.

⭐️ Interactive Live sessions
⭐️ Networking in Miro & Slack
⭐️ All recordings will be provided to ticket holders

LIMITED TO 500 spots
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Our amazing speakers

Monia Huet
Design System Designer,
Karolina Boremalm
Global Experience Design Operations, IKEA Retail, INGKA Group
Pierre Orsander
Design Lead, IKEA
Digital Design System
Vinish Garg
Consultant: Product UX and Product Content Strategy, Independent
Thorsten Jankowski
User Experience Lead Group IT,
Volkswagen AG
Matthias Fritsch
Design System Lead,
MAN Truck & Bus SE
Fabien Rassinier
Design System Engineer,
Jan Six
Product Designer,
Lukas Oppermann
Design Lead RTL+,
RTL Gruppe Deutschland
Get in touch with Silvia
Jan Toman
Design System Lead,
Louis Chenais
Co-Founder & Chief-Evangelist,

What people say about our events

Jan 🇩🇪
Very cool experience. I Learned a lot and am thankful for all the insights. Good to see others coming up with solutions to challenges we all face! Thanks for the good organisation and energy.
Karol 🇧🇪
Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for sharing your thoughts, resources, knowledge and all the other cool things. I miss ‘real life’ conference, but this one made me feel like I am attending the conference in the olden days. Thank you, Chapeau bas!
Markus 🇩🇪🇦🇹
This conference is sooo good!! The conference-organisation, the miro board..the pacing, the two moderator.. .all perfect! benchmark for online-zoom conference! Please continue your great work!


You help us grow - we connect you to the Design Systems community.

Design System experts are super rare - in our network you can talk directly to the target group. Find new hires or promote your tool. We put your 💶 in a custom platform we're building and we might 🔥 some of it for ads as well.

👉🏻 Reach 500+ Design Systems + Design Ops experts
👉🏻 Reach 4.000+ Designers in our community
⭐️ Logo placement & social media shoutouts
⭐️ Present live in the stream
⭐️ Post in our job board
🙏🏽‍ Sponsoring packages start at € 3.500 €


Limited Tickets

Into Design Systems
A virtual Design Systems conference to bring together the community around Design Systems, and Design Tools organized by the design community.